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Practical Assessment
Research & Evaluation
A peer-reviewed electronic journal. ISSN 1531-7714 

Volume 7
green dot  26. An overview of three approaches to scoring written essays by computer  Rudner, Lawrence and Phill Gagne
Viewed 42,848 times since 12/12/2001.
green dot  25. Designing scoring rubrics for your classroom  Mertler, Craig A.
Viewed 546,739 times since 12/11/2001.
green dot  24. Consequences of (mis)use of the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS) for high-stakes decisions: A comment on Haney and the Texas miracle in education  Kellow, J. Thomas & Victor L. Willson
Viewed 23,159 times since 12/7/2001.
green dot  23. Effects of Removing the Time Limit on First and Second Language Intelligence Test Performance  Mullane, Jennifer & Stuart J. McKelvie
Viewed 39,821 times since 11/6/2001.
green dot  22. A confirmatory analysis of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Third edition: Is the verbal/performance discrepancy justified?  Taub, Gordon E.
Viewed 121,286 times since 9/19/2001.
green dot  21. Alignment of standards and assessments as an accountability criterion  La Marca, Paul M.
Viewed 60,552 times since 9/17/2001.
green dot  20. The stability of undergraduate students' cognitive test anxiety levels  Cassady, Jerrell C.
Viewed 63,122 times since 8/23/2001.
green dot  19. Conducting web-based surveys  Solomon, David J.
Viewed 83,455 times since 8/23/2001.
green dot  18. A rubric for scoring postsecondary academic skills  Simon, Marielle & Renée Forgette-Giroux
Viewed 47,632 times since 6/17/2001.
green dot  17. An overview of content analysis  Stemler, Steve
Viewed 556,663 times since 6/7/2001.
green dot  16. Profile analysis: multidimensional scaling approach  Ding, Cody S.
Viewed 55,221 times since 4/27/2001.
green dot  15. Replication: A Design Principle for Field Research  Schafer, William D.
Viewed 66,028 times since 4/18/2001.
green dot  14. Computing the expected proportions of misclassified examinees  Rudner, Lawrence M.
Viewed 25,501 times since 3/30/2001.
green dot  13. Using state standards and tests to improve instruction  Tienken, Christopher & Michael Wilson
Viewed 60,188 times since 2/23/2001.
green dot  12. Self-Reported GPA and SAT: A Methodological Note.  Cassady, Jerrell C.
Viewed 36,839 times since 1/24/2001.
green dot  11. Assessments and Accountability (Condensed version).  Linn, Robert L.
Viewed 66,882 times since 1/16/2001.
green dot  10. Scoring Rubric Development: Validity and Reliability  Moskal, Barbara M. & Jon A. Leydens
Viewed 229,919 times since 11/6/2000.
green dot  9. A Framework for Developing an Effective Instructional Program for Limited English Proficient Students with Limited Formal Schooling  Alcala, Angelo
Viewed 42,274 times since 9/23/2000.
green dot  8. Fundamental Assessment Principles for Teachers and School Administrators  McMillan, James H.
Viewed 296,329 times since 9/23/2000.
green dot  7. Using critical thinking to conduct effective searches of online resources  Brem, Sarah K. & Andrea J. Boyes
Viewed 55,075 times since 8/28/2000.
green dot  6. Using Expected Growth Size Estimates to Summarize Test Score Changes.  Russell, Michael
Viewed 33,635 times since 5/26/2000.
green dot  5. Summarizing Change in Test Scores: Shortcomings of Three Common Methods.  Russell, Michael
Viewed 57,014 times since 5/26/2000.
green dot  4. Organizational Issues Related to Portfolio Assessment Implementation in the Classroom.  Forgette-Giroux, Renée & Marielle Simon
Viewed 70,610 times since 4/19/2000.
green dot  3. Scoring Rubrics: What, When and How?  Moskal, Barbara M.
Viewed 521,874 times since 3/29/2000.
green dot  2. Prediction in Multiple Regression.  Osborne, Jason W.
Viewed 134,424 times since 3/10/2000.
green dot  1. Advantages of Hierarchical Linear Modeling.  Osborne, Jason W.
Viewed 122,429 times since 1/10/2000.

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