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Practical Assessment
Research & Evaluation
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Volume 23
green dot  18. Addressing the Shortcomings of Traditional Multiple-Choice Tests: Subset Selection Without Mark Deductions.  Otoyo, Lucia, & Bush, Martin
Viewed 749 times since 12/7/2018.
green dot  17. The Ensemble and Model Comparison Approaches for Big Data Analytics in Social Sciences.   Yu, C H., Lee, H S., Lara, E., & Gan, S.
Viewed 622 times since 11/21/2018.
green dot  16. Fairness Concerns of Discrete Option Multiple Choice Items  Eckerly, Carol,   Smith, Russell, & Sowles, John
Viewed 1,020 times since 11/2/2018.
green dot  15. Overview of Data Mining`s Potential Benefits and Limitations in Education Research  Iwatani, Emi
Viewed 1,018 times since 10/14/2018.
green dot  14. From Simulation to Implementation: Two CAT Case Studies.  Barnard, John J.
Viewed 619 times since 10/6/2018.
green dot  13. A Note on Using the Nonparametric Levene Test When Population Means Are Unequal.   Shear, Benjamin R., Nordstokke, David W., & Zumbo, Bruno D.
Viewed 1,048 times since 9/17/2018.
green dot  12. Analytic or Holistic: A Study of Agreement Between Different Grading Models  Jönsson, Anders, & Balan, Andreia
Viewed 1,075 times since 9/14/2018.
green dot  11. An Effective Rubric Norming Process   Schoepp, Kevin, Danaher, Maurice, & Ater Kranov, Ashley
Viewed 1,161 times since 9/12/2018.
green dot  10. A Comparison of Subject Matter Experts’ Perceptions and Job Analysis Surveys.  Wyse, Adam E., & Babcock, Ben
Viewed 869 times since 9/6/2018.
green dot  9. Contrast Analysis: A Tutorial  Antal Haans
Viewed 3,437 times since 5/29/2018.
green dot  8. How to Perform a Literature Review with Free and Open Source Software  Joshua M. Pearce
Viewed 5,517 times since 5/24/2018.
green dot  7. An Application of the Partial Credit IRT Model in Identifying Benchmarks for Polytomous Rating Scale Instruments  Enis Dogan
Viewed 1,427 times since 5/5/2018.
green dot  6. Rounding in Angoff Ratings   Adam E. Wyse
Viewed 822 times since 5/2/2018.
green dot  5. Scale Pretesting  Matt C. Howard
Viewed 1,282 times since 4/5/2018.
green dot  4. Exploring Differences in Measurement and Reporting of Classroom Observation Inter-Rater Reliability  Wilhelm, Anne Garrison, Gillespie Rouse, Amy, & Jones, Francesca
Viewed 2,139 times since 4/5/2018.
green dot  3. A Note on the Assumption of Identical Distributions for Nonparametric Tests of Location.  Nordstokke, David W. & Colp, S. Mitchell
Viewed 914 times since 4/5/2018.
green dot  2. Using Instrumental Variable Estimation to Evaluate Randomized Experiments with Imperfect Compliance  Francis L. Huang
Viewed 2,402 times since 2/24/2018.
green dot  1. Random Forest as a Predictive Analytics Alternative to Regression in Institutional Research  Lingjun He, Richard A. Levine, Juanjuan Fan, Joshua Beemer, and Jeanne Stronach
Viewed 2,917 times since 1/13/2018.

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