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Practical Assessment
Research & Evaluation
A peer-reviewed electronic journal. ISSN 1531-7714 

Volume 20
green dot  21. Methods for examining the psychometric quality of subscores: A review and application.  Wedman, Jonathan, and Lyrén, Per-Erik
Viewed 3,494 times since 11/26/2015.
green dot  20. RMP Evaluations, Course Easiness, and Grades: Are they Related?.  Rizvi, Syed A.
Viewed 2,419 times since 10/12/2015.
green dot  19. Evaluating Common Item Block Options when Faced with Practical Constraints.  Wolkowitz, Amanda & Davis-Becker, Susan
Viewed 2,247 times since 9/30/2015.
green dot  18. Practical Issues in Estimating Classification Accuracy and Consistency with R Package cacIRT.  Lathrop, Quinn
Viewed 3,493 times since 8/28/2015.
green dot  17. “Rational” Observational Systems of Educational Accountability and Reform.  Amrein-Beardsley, A., Holloway-Libell, J., Cirell, A. M., Hays, A., & Chapman, K.
Viewed 3,808 times since 8/20/2015.
green dot  16. Effect of Adjusting Pseudo-Guessing Parameter Estimates on Test Scaling When Item Parameter Drift Is Present  Han, Kyung T., Wells, Craig S., & Hambleton, Ronald K.
Viewed 2,924 times since 7/4/2015.
green dot  15. Cost-Benefit Analysis Is Needed in American Public Education  Stoneberg, Bert
Viewed 3,088 times since 7/3/2015.
green dot  14. Linking Errors Between Two Populations and Tests: A Case Study in International Surveys in Education  Hastedt, Dirk, & Desa, Deana
Viewed 3,171 times since 6/29/2015.
green dot  13. A Practical Guide for Using Propensity Score Weighting in R.   Olmos, Antonio & Priyalatha Govindasamy
Viewed 15,653 times since 6/27/2015.
green dot  12. An Introduction to Missing Data in the Context of Differential Item Functioning  Banks, Kathleen
Viewed 3,260 times since 4/25/2015.
green dot  11. Cognitive Diagnostic Modeling Using R  Ravand, Hamdollah & Robitzsch, Alexander
Viewed 9,360 times since 4/13/2015.
green dot  10. On the Integrity of Online Testing for Introductory Statistics Courses: A Latent Variable Approach  Fask, Alan, Englander, Fred, & Wang, Zhaobo
Viewed 3,670 times since 4/11/2015.
green dot  9. Interrater reliability in large-scale assessments – Can teachers score national tests reliably without external controls?   Lind Pantzare, Anna
Viewed 4,101 times since 4/7/2015.
green dot  8. Chi-Square Test is Statistically Significant: Now What?  Sharpe, Donald
Viewed 62,335 times since 4/6/2015.
green dot  7. Item Response Theory Using Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models.  Ravand, Hamdollah
Viewed 6,197 times since 3/20/2015.
green dot  6. What is your teacher rubric? Extracting teachers’ assessment constructs.  Jeong, Heejeong
Viewed 6,057 times since 3/20/2015.
green dot  5. Defining and Measuring Academic Success  York, Travis T., Gibson, Charles, & Rankin, Susan.
Viewed 85,206 times since 3/15/2015.
green dot  4. Hot or Not: The Role of Instructor Quality and Gender on the Formation of Positive Illusions Among Students using   Theyson, Katherine C.
Viewed 3,681 times since 2/16/2015.
green dot  3. Psychometric changes on item difficulty due to item review by examinees.   Papanastasiou, Elena C.
Viewed 3,399 times since 1/7/2015.
green dot  2. What is Rotating in Exploratory Factor Analysis?   Osborne, Jason W.
Viewed 33,088 times since 1/7/2015.
green dot  1. Linear Logistic Test Modeling with R  Baghaei, Purya & Kubinger, Klaus D
Viewed 5,995 times since 1/1/2014.

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