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Practical Assessment
Research & Evaluation
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Hottest (N hits / days in print) papers from the past four years
green dot  2013 Classroom Test Construction: The Power of a Table of Specifications  Fives, Helenrose & DiDonato-Barnes, Nicole
Viewed 146,173 times since 2/21/2013.
102 hits/day
green dot  2013 Using the Student's t-test with extremely small sample sizes  de Winter, J.C.F.
Viewed 85,074 times since 8/6/2013.
67 hits/day
green dot  2015 Defining and Measuring Academic Success  York, Travis T., Gibson, Charles, & Rankin, Susan.
Viewed 41,071 times since 3/15/2015.
60 hits/day
green dot  2015 Chi-Square Test is Statistically Significant: Now What?  Sharpe, Donald
Viewed 33,297 times since 4/6/2015.
51 hits/day
green dot  2015 What is Rotating in Exploratory Factor Analysis?   Osborne, Jason W.
Viewed 15,945 times since 1/7/2015.
21 hits/day
green dot  2013 Factor Analysis using R.   Beaujean, A. Alexander
Viewed 30,022 times since 2/25/2013.
21 hits/day
green dot  2014 A Step-by-Step Guide to Propensity Score Matching in R  Randolph, Justus J., Falbe, Kristina, Manuel, Austin Kureethara, & Balloun, Joseph L.
Viewed 15,720 times since 11/19/2014.
20 hits/day
green dot  2014 A Primer on Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) for Behavioral Scientists.   Warne, Russell
Viewed 14,142 times since 11/18/2014.
18 hits/day
green dot  2015 A Practical Guide for Using Propensity Score Weighting in R.   Olmos, Antonio & Priyalatha Govindasamy
Viewed 9,556 times since 6/27/2015.
17 hits/day
green dot  2013 Assumptions of Multiple Regression: Correcting Two Misconceptions.  Williams, Matt N., Grajales, Carlos Alberto Gómez, & Kurkiewicz, Dason
Viewed 20,297 times since 9/6/2013.
16 hits/day
green dot  2014 Sample Size Determination for Regression Models Using Monte Carlo Methods in R.   Beaujean, A. Alexander
Viewed 14,393 times since 8/23/2014.
16 hits/day
green dot  2013 Forest plots in Excel: Moving beyond a clump of trees to a forest of visual information.   Derzon, James H. & Alford, Aaron A.
Viewed 21,413 times since 4/29/2013.
16 hits/day
green dot  2014 Improving Your Exploratory Factor Analysis for Ordinal Data: A Demonstration Using FACTOR.   Baglin, James
Viewed 14,730 times since 6/14/2014.
15 hits/day
green dot  2013 Practical Considerations for Using Exploratory Factor Analysis in Educational Research.   Beavers, Amy S., Lounsbury, John W., Richards, Jennifer K., Huck, Schuyler W., Skolits, Gary J. & Esquivel, Shelley L.
Viewed 19,464 times since 3/5/2013.
14 hits/day
green dot  2014 Improving Multiple-Group confirmatory factor analysis in R – A tutorial in measurement invariance with continuous and ordinal indicators.   Hirschfeld, Gerrit & von Brachel, Ruth
Viewed 10,723 times since 7/9/2014.
12 hits/day
green dot  2014 Impact of Sample Size and Variability on the Power and Type I Error Rates of Equivalence Tests: A Simulation Study.   Rusticus, Shayna A. & Lovato, Chris Y.
Viewed 9,391 times since 8/16/2014.
11 hits/day
green dot  2013 Determining the Number of Factors to Retain in EFA: Using the SPSS R-Menu v2.0 to Make More Judicious Estimations  Courtney, Matthew Gordon Ray
Viewed 14,119 times since 4/30/2013.
10 hits/day
green dot  2016 Tutorial on Using Regression Models with Count Outcomes using R  Beaujean, A. Alexander & Grant, Morgan B.
Viewed 3,558 times since 2/2/2016.
10 hits/day
green dot  2013 Studies of the Effect of Formative Assessment on Student Achievement: So Much More is Needed.   McMillan, James H., Venable, Jessica C., & Varier, Divya
Viewed 11,210 times since 2/19/2013.
8 hits/day
green dot  2014 Quasi-Experiments in Schools: The Case for Historical Cohort Control Groups.   Walser, Tamara M.
Viewed 7,388 times since 6/23/2014.
8 hits/day

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