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Practical Assessment
Research & Evaluation
A peer-reviewed electronic journal. ISSN 1531-7714 

Volume 9
green dot  16. Course Selection Decisions by Students on Campuses With and Without Published Teaching Evaluations  Wilhelm, Wendy Bryce & Charles Comegys
Viewed 46,122 times since 8/24/2004.
green dot  15. Toward a More Complete Picture of Student Learning: Assessing Students’ Motivational Beliefs  Beghetto, Ronald A.
Viewed 58,348 times since 8/8/2004.
green dot  14. Designing Accountability Assessments for Teaching  Schafer, William D. & Mark Moody
Viewed 35,442 times since 7/25/2004.
green dot  13. IRT-Linked Standard Errors of Weighted Composites   Childs, Ruth A., Susan Elgie, Tahany Gadalla, Ross Traub & Andrew P. Jaciw
Viewed 21,680 times since 6/25/2004.
green dot  12. A Standards-Driven, Task-Based Assessment Approach for Teacher Credentialing with Potential for College Accreditation  Judy R. Wilkerson, and William Steve Lang
Viewed 46,145 times since 6/8/2004.
green dot  11. Sample size and subject to item ratio in principal components analysis.  Osborne, Jason W. & Anna B. Costello
Viewed 101,433 times since 6/7/2004.
green dot  10. The Influence of Computer-Print on Rater Scores  Russell, Michael and Wei Tao
Viewed 23,013 times since 5/11/2004.
green dot  9. Computers, The Internet, and Cheating Among Secondary School Students: Some Implications for Educators   Conradson, Stacey & Pedro Hernández-Ramos
Viewed 99,004 times since 3/30/2000.
green dot  8. Thinking About How to Evaluate Your Program? These Strategies Will Get You Started   Gajda, Rebecca & Jennifer Jewiss
Viewed 298,644 times since 3/25/2004.
green dot  7. Classroom Assessment in Web-Based Instructional Environment: Instructors’ Experience   Liang, Xin & Kim Creasy
Viewed 76,534 times since 3/2/2004.
green dot  6. The power of outliers (and why researchers should ALWAYS check for them)  Osborne, Jason W. & Amy Overbay
Viewed 289,783 times since 3/2/2004.
green dot  5. Estimating the Standard Error of the Judging  in a modified-Angoff Standards Setting Procedure  MacCann, Robert G. & Gordon Stanley
Viewed 29,455 times since 3/1/2004.
green dot  4. A Comparison of Consensus, Consistency, and Measurement Approaches to Estimating Interrater Reliability  Stemler, Steven E.
Viewed 108,974 times since 3/1/2004.
green dot  3. The Contributions of Reliability and Pretests to Effective Assessment  Bacon, Donald
Viewed 34,071 times since 2/26/2004.
green dot  2. What's still wrong with rubrics: Focusing on the consistency of performance criteria across scale levels  Tierney, Robin & Marielle Simon
Viewed 98,921 times since 1/28/2004.
green dot  1. Effects of Handwriting and Computer-Print on Composition Scores:  A Follow-up to Powers, Fowles, Farnum, & Ramsey.  Michael Russell & Wei Tao
Viewed 32,428 times since 1/20/2004.

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