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Volume 8
 24. Estimating Policy and Program Effects with Observational Data: The “Differences-in-Differences” Estimator  Buckley, Jack & Yi Shang
Viewed 31,694 times since 11/11/2003.
 23. A Practical Use of Vertical Equating by Combining IRT Equating and Linear Equating  Leung, Shing On
Viewed 16,315 times since 11/10/2003.
 22. Patterns of Response and Nonresponse from Teachers to Traditional and Web Surveys  Mertler, Craig A.
Viewed 26,880 times since 10/7/2003.
 21. Faculty use of student evaluation feedback   Yao, Yuankun, Weissinger, Ellen & Marilyn Grady
Viewed 21,215 times since 10/6/2003.
 20. Evaluability assessment: A primer  Trevisan, Michael S. and Yi Min Huang
Viewed 44,293 times since 10/2/2003.
 19. Resampling methods: Concepts, Applications, and Justification  Yu, Chong Ho
Viewed 82,745 times since 9/29/2003.
 18. Reducing Error in Mail Surveys  Cui, Wei Wei
Viewed 55,686 times since 9/2/2003.
 17. Evaluating spatial- and temporal-oriented multi-dimensional visualization techniques  Yu, Chong Ho and Shawn Stockford
Viewed 25,121 times since 7/23/2003.
 16. Matrix Sampling of Items in Large-Scale Assessments  Childs, Ruth A. and Andrew P. Jaciw
Viewed 23,387 times since 7/15/2003.
 15. Meta-analysis methods for synthesizing treatment effects in multisite studies: hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) perspective  Kalaian, Sema A.
Viewed 53,053 times since 6/23/2003.
 14. Recommendations for Developing Classroom Performance Assessments and Scoring Rubrics  Moskal, Barbara M.
Viewed 168,150 times since 5/29/2003.
 13. Alternative Approaches to Assessing Student Engagement Rates  Chapman, Elaine
Viewed 100,422 times since 5/27/2003.
 12. Exploratory Longitudinal Profile Analysis via Multidimensional Scaling   Ding, Cody
Viewed 18,089 times since 5/27/2003.
 11. Effect Sizes and the Disattenuation of Correlation and Regression Coefficients: Lessons from Educational Psychology.  Osborne, Jason W.
Viewed 36,821 times since 5/27/2003.
 10. Vertical Equating for State Assessments: Issues and Solutions in Determination of Adequate Yearly Progress and School Accountability   Lissitz, Robert W. & Huynh Huynh
Viewed 26,621 times since 4/30/2003.
 9. The Concept of Formative Assessment  Boston, Carol
Viewed 405,449 times since 8/6/2002.
 8. Evaluating Classroom Communication: In Support of Emergent and Authentic Frameworks in Second Language Assessment  Mantero, Miguel
Viewed 46,551 times since 7/25/2002.
 7. Linguistic Simplification: A Promising Test Accommodation for LEP Students?  Stansfield, Charles W.
Viewed 23,969 times since 7/23/2002.
 6. Notes on the use of data transformations.  Osborne, Jason
Viewed 144,501 times since 5/30/2002.
 5. Male and female differences in self-report cheating  Athanasou, James A. and Olabisi Olasehinde
Viewed 54,368 times since 5/18/2002.
 4. Language ability assessment of Spanish-English bilinguals: Future directions  Kester, Ellen Stubbe and Elizabeth D. Peña
Viewed 54,007 times since 5/18/2002.
 3. Analyzing online discussions: ethics, data, and interpretation  Brem, Sarah
Viewed 26,844 times since 5/15/2002.
 2. Four assumptions of multiple regression that researchers should always test.  Osborne, Jason and Elaine Waters
Viewed 360,128 times since 1/7/2002.
 1. Using electronic surveys: advice from survey professionals  Shannon, David M., Johnson,Todd E., Searcy, Shelby & Alan Lott
Viewed 58,832 times since 1/2/2002.

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