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Volume 17
 17. Evaluating Teachers and Schools Using Student Growth Models  Schafer, William D.; Lissitz, Robert W.; Zhu, Xiaoshu; Zhang, Yuan; Hou, Xiaodong & Ying Li
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 16. Repositioning Formative Assessment from an Educational Assessment Perspective: A Response to Dunn & Mulvenon (2009)  Filsecker, Michael & Kerres, Michael
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 15. Replication Analysis in Exploratory Factor Analysis: What it is and why it makes your analysis better.  Osborne, Jason W. & David C. Fitzpatrick
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 14. A Meta-Analysis of Growth Trends from Vertically Scaled Assessments  Dadey, Nathan & Derek. C. Briggs
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 13. Evaluating the appropriateness and use of domain critical errors  Buckendahl, C. W. & Davis-Becker, S. L.
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 12. Item Overexposure in Computerized Classification Tests Using Sequential Item Selection.  Huebner, Alan
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 11. Logits and tigers and bears, oh my! A brief look at the simple math of logistic regression and how it can improve dissemination of results.   Osborne, Jason W.
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 10. Making Use of District and School Data  Parke, Carol S.
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 9. Interpreting Multiple Linear Regression: A Guidebook of Variable Importance  Nathans, Laura L., Oswald, Frederick L., & Nimon, Kim
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 8. A Demonstration of a Systematic Item-Reduction Approach Using Structural Equation Modeling.   Larwin, Karen & Harvey, Milton
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 7. Exploring Item Order in Anxiety-Related Constructs: Practical Impacts of Serial Position.   Carleton, R. Nicholas, Thibodeau, Michel A., Osborne, Jason W. & Asmundson, Gordon J. G.
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 6. Indirect Measures In Evaluation: On Not Knowing What We Donít Know.  Heath, Linda, DeHoek, Adam & Locatelli, Sara House
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 5. Terminating Sequential Delphi Survey Data Collection  Kalaian, Sema & Rafa M. Kasim
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 4. Transforming Rubrics Using Factor Analysis  Baryla, Ed, Shelley, Gary and William Trainor
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 3. Estimating ordinal reliability for Likert-type and ordinal item response data: A conceptual, empirical, and practical guide  Gadermann, Anne M., Guhn, Martin & Bruno D. Zumbo
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 2. Defining Authentic Classroom Assessment  Frey, Bruce B., Schmitt, Vicki L., & Justin P. Allen
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 1. Fixing the c Parameter in the Three-Parameter Logistic Model.  Han, Kyung T.
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