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Volume 14
 20. Understanding and Using Factor Scores: Considerations for the Applied Researcher  DiStefano, Christine, Zhu, Min & Mîndrilã, Diana
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 19. Differential Item Functioning Amplification and Cancellation in a Reading Test  Bao, Han, Dayton, C. Mitchell, & Hendrickson, Amy B.
Viewed 5,793 times since 10/26/2009.
 18. Multiple Constructs and the Effects of Accommodations on Standardized Test Scores for Students with Disabilities  Cawthon, Stephanie W., Ho, Eching, Patel, Puja G., Potvin, Deborah C., and Trundt, Katherine M
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 17. Item Banking with Embedded Standards  MacCann, Robert G. and Stanley, Gordon
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 16. Diagnostic Assessments in Mathematics to Support Instructional Decision Making.  Ketterlin-Geller, Leanne R. and Yovanoff, Paul
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 15. What is authorship, and what should it be? A survey of prominent guidelines for determining authorship in scientific publications.  Osborne, Jason W., and Holland, Abigail
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 14. Three Applications of Automated Test Assembly within a User-Friendly Modeling Environment.  Cor, Ken, Alves, Cecilia., & Gierl, Mark. J.
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 13. A Guide to Writing the Dissertation Literature Review  Randolph, Justus
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 12. Examining Design and Inter-Rater Reliability of a Rubric Measuring Research Quality across Multiple Disciplines  Bresciani, Marilee J., Oakleaf, Megan, Kolkhorst, Fred, Nebeker, Camille, Barlow, Jessica, Duncan, Kristin, and Hickmott, Jessica
Viewed 11,755 times since 5/29/2009.
 11. Combining Dual Scaling with Semi-Structured Interviews to Interpret Rating Differences  Childs, Ruth A., Ram, Anita & Xu, Yunmei
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 10. Using Power Tables to Compute Statistical Power in Multilevel Experimental Designs  Konstantopoulos, Spyros
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 9. Gating items: Definition, significance, and need for further study  Judd, Wallace
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 8. Scoring and classifying examinees using measurement decision theory  Rudner, Lawrence M.
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 7. A Critical Review of Research on Formative Assessments: The Limited Scientific Evidence of the Impact of Formative Assessments in Education.   Dunn, Karee E and Mulvenon, Sean W.
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 6. From Gain Score t to ANCOVA F (and vice versa)   Knapp, Thomas R. and Schafer, William D.
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 5. A comparison of two approaches to correction of restriction of range in correlation analysis  Wiberg, Marie and Sundström, Anna
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 4. Reporting Subscores from College Admission Tests  Lyrén, Per-Erik
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 3. Using recursive regression to explore nonlinear relationships and interactions: A tutorial applied to a multicultural education study  Strang, Kenneth David
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 2. Evaluating the collaborative strategic reading intervention: An overview of randomized controlled trial options.   Hitchcock, J.H., Kurki, A., Wilkins, C., Dimino, J., and Gersten, R.
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 1. How to Treat Omitted Responses in Rasch Model-Based Equating  Shin, Seon-Hi
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